What is MealClub?
MealClub is the best way to order food for pickup or delivery from restaurants in San Luis Obispo County. Your can order food online from your favorite restaurant and pick it up at a certain time to avoid waiting in line, or you can get it delivered to your home, work, or hotel room within an hour.

Where can I use MealClub?
MealClub currently serves San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Pismo Beach and Five Cities area.

How do you order?
You can order online or by phone. To order online go to www.mealclub.com, choose a city, choose a restaurant, type your zip code and then proceed with your order. To order by phone, call 805-543-8210 and one of our call center operators will place your order for you.

What are your delivery hours?
Lunch 11am to 2pm, Monday - Friday
Dinner 5pm to 9pm, Every Night

What are your call center hours?
Monday - Friday: 9am to 2pm, 4pm to 9pm
Dinner 5pm to 9pm, Every Night

What is your delivery fee?
Expect to pay a $6 delivery fee as long as you live within a 5-mile radius of downtown San Luis Obispo, downtown Pismo Beach, and downtown Paso Robles. There will be a delivery fee surcharge for distances longer than 5 miles.

What is your minimum order?
There is no minimum amount for pick up orders. However, we require a $10 minimum for delivery orders.

How long do you take for a typical delivery?
The average food delivery time varies based on volume ordered and time of the day. We usually quote one hour to allow for possible incidental delays like heavy traffic, long preparation times in busy restaurants, and poor weather.

How do I know if my order was placed?
With every pickup and delivery order you place online or by phone, we send an automated e-mail confirmation to your e-mail address on-file. You can also confirm your order by looking it up in your "Order History" under "Account". If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail right after you place your order, or if you don't see your order in your "Order History", then be sure to contact us immediately since your order has NOT been processed, mostly due to credit card issues. We are not responsible for orders that have not been processed.

Can I order from multiple restaurants?
Yes, you can order food delivery from more than one restaurant, but we do require that you meet the minimum order and pay the normal delivery charge for each restaurant you order from.

How long do you take to process a pickup order?
Pick-times vary depending on the restaurant. For the most part, you can pickup your order half and hour after you place it through MealClub.com

What are my payment options?
Delivery order can be paid with cash or credit card. Pickup orders can only be paid with credit card.

Are tips mandatory?
While a tip to the self-employed delivery driver is not mandatory, our system does automatically add a tip equivalent to 10% of the subtotal, but no higher than $30. So if your subtotal is higher than $300, the tip remains at $30.

What if there is something missing, or something wrong with the order?
In order for us to help you, you need to call our call center immediately to report problems with your order.

How do you store my credit card information?
We take your security and privacy very seriously and so we have taken all necessary precautions to receive and store your information securely. Your credit card information is securely stored and processed by Authorize.net which has been a leading provider of payment gateway services since 1996. Authorize.net is a subsidiary of Visa, Inc.

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